John Larsson Plays Volume 1 - Take-over bid and Hosea - Download

John Larsson Plays Volume 1 - Take-over bid and Hosea - Download

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Code:  25110-mp3-1
Artist  John Larsson
Catalogue Number  SPS272CD
Genre  Soloists

1Take-over BidJohn Larsson2.01
2I dream of a dayJohn Larsson3.38
3We have a gospelJohn Larsson 2.07
4Army cup of teaJohn Larsson 2.11
5Hundreds and thousandsJohn Larsson 1.54
6The up-to-date SalvationistJohn Larsson1.40
7Someone caresJohn Larsson3.02
8A dif-fe-rent manJohn Larsson2.26
9Soldiers of peaceJohn Larsson 2.55
10Knock and buildJohn Larsson 2.41
11All that you needJohn Larsson 2.50
12Kneeling in penitenceJohn Larsson 2.31
13Wonders beginJohn Larsson2.19
14It happened to meJohn Larsson2.32
15For thine is the KingdomJohn Larsson2.08
16From now onJohn Larsson2.07
17What shall I ask for you?John Larsson2.19
18What sort of God?John Larsson3.22
19I nearly forgot to say thank youJohn Larsson2.46
20You can't stop GodJohn Larsson2.30
21Got to conformJohn Larsson2.37
22His love remains the sameJohn Larsson3.30
23How much moreJohn Larsson3.22
24Down the streetJohn Larsson2.57
25Only peopleJohn Larsson3.02
26When God came downJohn Larsson2.59
27I came to himJohn Larsson2.39
28To a God like thisJohn Larsson2.28

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