John Larsson Plays Volume 4 - CD

John Larsson Plays Volume 4 - CD

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Code:  25311
Artist:  John Larsson
Genre:  Soloists

This CD is the last in this series of Musicals written by John Gowans and John Larsson

White Rose
Oui, oui & Like an angel
Everything looks bright
Could you care?
What on earth?
It's Jesus we proclaim
It's not good enough
When I came to him

Son of Man
Behold the Lamb
In him I see
To whom else can I go?
If you want to follow me
God is Spirit
Without him
If you knew
Spirit of Jesus
Son of Man! Son of God!

Man - Mark II
The new humanity
In the pow'r of the Spirit
They need Christ
We call you Master
He has chosen me
I'll not turn back

The Meeting
The Meeting
I can't help but love him
In dedicating this child
I want to say yes
With Christ into the future


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