John Larsson Plays Volume 3 - Glory! and The Blood of the Lamb - Download

John Larsson Plays Volume 3 - Glory! and The Blood of the Lamb - Download

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Code:  25216-mp3-1
Artist  John Larsson
Catalogue Number  SPS299CD
Genre  Soloists

1When the Army comes to townJohn Larsson2.58
2There is a messageJohn Larsson2.33
3The long tromboneJohn Larsson 1.57
4If you want itJohn Larsson 1.54
5When you've got salvationJohn Larsson 2.01
6We're all seeking the same SaviourJohn Larsson3.16
7When the glory gets into your soulJohn Larsson2.32
8Though I feel my weaknessJohn Larsson2.16 
9Cleanliness is next to godlinessJohn Larsson 2.46
10The name of JesusJohn Larsson 3.46
11You don't have to be cleverJohn Larsson 2.13
12As high the skyJohn Larsson 2.13
13It's the work of a momentJohn Larsson3.00
14There is a time for tearsJohn Larsson2.39
15Theme: Are you washed?John Larsson1.42
16I just knowJohn Larsson2.05
17Fancy that!John Larsson3.13
18Moment by momentJohn Larsson3.13
19Bill Booth's ArmyJohn Larsson2.23
20Strike a light!John Larsson1.27
21If the Son has made us freeJohn Larsson2.54
22There's only one flag for meJohn Larsson3.07
23I'll make my promisesJohn Larsson3.30
24They shall come from the eastJohn Larsson2.53
25Booth led boldlyJohn Larsson2.21
26Who are these people?John Larsson3.03
27The hoodlum, hooker and hoboJohn Larsson3.02
28You've got to demonstrateJohn Larsson2.49

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