General Series Marches and Hymn Settings

General Series Marches and Hymn Settings

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Code:  SPS39501
Genre  Band Folios
Series  General Series Marches & Hymn Settings
Publisher  SP&S

Anthem of the Free (D Goffin)
Argyle Citadel (N Bearcroft)
Assignment (D Bright)
Collaroy (B Gott)
Crown of conquest (R Steadman-Allen)
Dalarš (E Gregson)
Emblem of the Army (A Gullidge)
Exeter Temple (L Condon)
Goldcrest (J Anderson)
Heaven came down (E Herikstad)
The Invincible Army (E LeidzŽn)
Joyful News (E LeidzŽn)
Joyous Experience (B Gott)
Keep Singing (P C Rivers)
Land of song (N Bearcroft)
Long Point (N Bearcroft)
Marching Onward (I Bosanko)
Motondo (D Osgood)
New Generation (P Graham)
Novarc (S Bulla)
Petone Citadel (R Cresswell)
The Pioneers (J Anderson)
Silver Star (R Steadman-Allen)
Southall One Hundred (N Bearcroft)
Spirit of Joy (H Rive)
Spirit of the Army (N Bearcroft)
Spirit of the West (D Bright)
Star Lake No 2 (E Ball)
Temple 85 (N Bearcroft)
To regions fair (N Bearcroft)

Abide with me (R Bowes)
Abridge (M Kenyon)
All in the April evening (H S Roberton arr. E Ball)
Angels watching over me (arr. J Webb trans. R Steadman-Allen)
Armadale (R Bowes)
Become aware of him (R Redhead)
Bedford (N Bearcroft)
Bethany (H Smart arr. R Steadman-Allen)
Breathe on me, breath of God (J Curnow)
Colne (T Rive)
Come Home! (D Catherwood)
Come into our world (J Webb arr T Davis)
Consecration Hymn (W H Jude arr. R Steadman-Allen)
Crown him with many crowns (C Skinner)
Easter Hymn (B Bowen)
He found me (H Davies)
He is Lord (R Redhead)
Holy, holy, holy (Nicaea) (R Steadman-Allen)
How sweet the name (French) (R Tremain arr. D Osgood)
Hursley (D Osgood)
I can think of him (J Webb arr. L Condon)
I love to sing (G Blomberg arr. L Condon)
I will follow thee (R Redhead)
In the love of Jesus (W Hammond)
In tune with thy divinity (R Redhead)
Irish (M Calvert)
It is well with my soul (H Davies)
Jesus loves me! (R Bowes)
Light up the sunshine (J Webb arr. M Ozanne)
Lord, thou art questioning (T Davis)
Love Divine (Stainer) (J Stainer arr. B Bowen)
Maidstone (H C Goffin & D Goffin)
Majesty (J W Hayford arr. W Gordon)
Margaret (P Graham)
May Jesus Christ be praised (M Kenyon)
Melcombe (R Steadman-Allen)
Minuet from 'Berenice' (Handel arr. R Steadman-Allen)
More about Jesus (W Himes)
My all is on the altar (M Calvert)
My heart's desire (R Bowes)
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen (E Silfverberg)
Now thank we all our God (K Elloway)
O happy day (E Rimbault arr. J Larsson)
Penlan (C Skinner)
Poem (Z Fibich arr. R Steadman-Allen)
Praise, my soul (J Goss arr. M Babb)
Richmond (N Bearcroft)
St. Agnes (M Calvert)
St. Bees (L Scott)
St. Columbia (K Griffin)
St. Magnus (R Steanman-Allen)
St. Peter (K Griffin)
Salzburg (B Coles)
Secret Prayer (E LeidzŽn)
Shine, Jesus, shine (G Kendrick arr. R Phillips)
Sweet hour of prayer (E LeidzŽn)
Theodora (D Jones)
Thy word abideth (R Steadman-Allen)
Troyte (B Boon)
Trumpet Tune (Purcell arr. R Steadman-Allen)
Wells (M Babb)
Whitburn (R Schramm)
With gladsome mind (N Bearcroft)
The Wonder of his grace (H Davis)
Wonderful, wonderful Jesus (D Goffin)

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