Himes Legacy - CD

Himes Legacy - CD

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Artist  Chicago Staff Band
Genre  Bands

Disc 1 of 2
1MilestoneWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band4.23
To the Chief Musician
2I. IntroitWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band2.29
3II. SacrificeWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band3.35
4III. WorshipWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band4.59
5Soli Deo GloriaWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band3.45
6So Glad!William HimesStan Kelly (Flugel Horn) with Chicago Staff Band3.22
7Procession to CovenantWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band6.30
8Vienna Philharmonic FanfareRichard Strauss arr. HimesChicago Staff Band2.47
9NicaeaWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band5.20
10Solo Secondo (a major work for 2nd Horn and Band)William HimesCraig Arnold (Tenor Horn) and Chicago Staff Band7.12
11I'd Rather Have JesusWilliam HimesWilliam Scarlett (Cornet) with Chicago Staff Band2.57
12Celebration of Contemporary Gospel SongWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band9.33
13Psalm 46Bill Batstone & Tom Howard arr. HimesPeggy Thomas (Flugel) with Chicago Staff Band4.31
14The BlessingWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band5.54
15God Bless AmericaIrving Berlin arr. HimesChicago Staff Band4.06

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Disc 2 of 2
1Cause for CelebrationWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band5.27
2O Beautiful, for Spacious SkiesWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band3.40
3Jericho RevisitedWilliam HimesStephen Harper (Narrator) with Chicago Staff Band8.22
4Journey into PeaceWilliam HimesDavid Chaulk (Euphonium) with Chicago Staff Band7.12
5Rolling AlongWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band3.35
6This I KnowWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band3.17
Aspects of Praise
7I. Praise in JoyWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band3.17
8II. Praise in MeditationWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band3.32
9III. Praise in Sadness and PersecutionWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band5.12
10IV. Praise in FellowshipWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band4.29
11Precious FountainWilliam HimesChicago Staff Band5.40
12Jubilance for Cornet and BandWilliam HimesPeggy Thomas (Cornet) with Chicago Staff Band7.35
13All Hail the Power of Jesus' NameWilliam HimesDr Rudolf Zuiderveld (Organ) with Chicago Staff Band
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