A Gowans Legacy Vol. 2 - CD

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Code:  100612
Artist:  International Staff Songsters
Genre:  Vocal

1Hundreds and thousandsJohn Larsson1.32
2His love remains the same John Larsson4.19 
3Everywhere Andrew Maycock4.49 
4He came to give us life John Larsson3.14 
5The crucifixion John Larsson3.57 
6There is a message John Larsson4.01 
7There's no other name John Larsson2.35 
8Burning, burning John Larsson3.21 
9That's the spirit! John Larsson2.27 
10What shall I ask for you? John Larsson2.59 
11Ask, seek and knock John Larsson2.13 
12We're all seeking the same saviour John Larsson2.45 
13All that you need is a miracle John Larsson3.53 
14In this quiet moment Ivor Bosanko3.07 
15God is spirit John Larsson4.44 
16You know I love you John Larsson2.54 
17Limitless grace Andrew Blyth7.23 
18Extravagance Richard Phillips3.10 
19Out of my darkness He called me John Larsson2.14 
20A dif-ferent man John Larsson2.46 
21It happened to me John Larsson2.50 
22When the glory gets into your soul John Larsson2.14 
23Who are these people? John Larsson3.23