World Class Marches of The Salvation Army Volume II - Download

World Class Marches of The Salvation Army Volume II - Download

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Code:  25061-mp3-1
Artist  Black Dyke Band
Catalogue Number  DOYCD223
Genre  Bands

1The LiberatorGeorge MarshallBlack Dyke Band3.17
2Minneapolis IVEmil SöderströmBlack Dyke Band3.24
3DalaröEdward GregsonBlack Dyke Band3.24
4The Flag of FreedomBramwell ColesBlack Dyke Band3.04
5To Regions FairNorman BearcroftBlack Dyke Band2.38
6Victors AcclaimedBramwell ColesBlack Dyke Band4.13
7Exeter TempleLeslie CondonBlack Dyke Band4.25
8GoldcrestJames AndersonBlack Dyke Band2.58
9MotondoDonald OsgoodBlack Dyke Band3.15
10Army of GodEmil SöderströmBlack Dyke Band3.31
11Spirit of JoyHerbert RiveBlack Dyke Band2.30
12The Roll CallWilliam BroughtonBlack Dyke Band2.27
13IndomitableHerbert MountainBlack Dyke Band2.54
14The Redcliffe MarchDaniel HollisBlack Dyke Band3.25
15Heroes of the CombatBramwell ColesBlack Dyke Band3.15
16Cairo Red ShieldAlbert RaikesBlack Dyke Band3.20
17Spirit of PraiseGeorge MarshallBlack Dyke Band3.45
18The WellingtonianHarold ScotneyBlack Dyke Band3.25

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