World Class Marches of The Salvation Army Volume I - Download

World Class Marches of The Salvation Army Volume I - Download

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Code:  25022-mp3-1
Artist  Black Dyke Band
Catalogue Number  DOYCD221
Genre  Bands

1The Red ShieldHenry GoffinBlack Dyke Band3.17
2Star LakeEric BallBlack Dyke Band2.51
3Silver StarRay Steadman-AllenBlack Dyke Band3.48
4The Invincible ArmyErik LeidzénBlack Dyke Band2.33
5Soldiers of ChristGeorge MarshallBlack Dyke Band3.31
6CaliforniaEmil SandströmBlack Dyke Band2.57
7Anthem of the FreeDean GoffinBlack Dyke Band3.30
8RousseauRay OggBlack Dyke Band3.52
9Mighty to SaveGeorge MarshallBlack Dyke Band3.15
10Crown of ConquestRay Steadman-AllenBlack Dyke Band3.35
11In the Firing LineBramwell ColesBlack Dyke Band3.51
12Emblem of the ArmyArthur GullidgeBlack Dyke Band3.48
13TorchbearersEric BallBlack Dyke Band6.10
14Wisbech CitadelAlbert GayBlack Dyke Band3.55
15Under Two FlagsBramwell ColesBlack Dyke Band4.14
16RosehillAlbert JakewayBlack Dyke Band3.10
17Fighting for the LordEmil SandströmBlack Dyke Band3.26
18Montreal CitadelNorman AudoireBlack Dyke Band3.43

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