Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 31 Part 2

Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 31 Part 2

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Genre  Vocal
Series  Sing to the Lord
Publisher  SP&S


  1. Salvation Song (M.K.-B./Michelle Kay-Browning arr. Chris Brindley)
    The Salvation Army has always had an evangelical heart that looks to overcome social injustice and evil through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This setting has a message that will resonate with those who are a part of our movement. The song is found in our current Salvation Army Song Book and originates from Australia. The arranger, also from Australia, has provided an exciting four-part setting that will prove to be popular with those that choose to feature it. As with all songs that have a rhythmic melodic line, it could prove helpful for the group to speak through the rhythms so that they have a solid base on which to start. I would also encourage groups to listen to the recording provided to aid in the learning of this song.
  2. Will you come? (Ann Montgomery/Donald Montgomery)
    Majors Ann and Donald Montgomery are now established writers within this journal. This song was conceived during the emergence from the COVID-19 pandemic. The lyricist recognised that many members of her church, including members of her own family, were afraid of entering back into the world. But the desire and willingness to trust God was evident. This song brings together that hope and trust in God as the chorus asks, ‘Will you come and release me From my fears, from my doubts, From the anxiety within.’ It is hoped that this song will resonate with many that sing and hear its powerful message.
  3. Lord of my life (M.W./Malcolm Westwood)
    For many years now, Major Malcolm Westwood has provided lyrics that have enhanced this journal and brought blessing to many. The submission under review not only includes him as the lyricist but as the composer also! The song is simple in design and could be introduced congregationally.
  4. Bethlehem Night (Y.F./Yvonne Field)
    Major Yvonne Field has a wonderful gift of capturing the essence of Christmas through song. The verses presented here focus on the atmosphere around the night of Christ’s birth, and the excitement and awe that this world-changing event brought to those that were part of it. The music will require good energy through the vowel sounds on the long notes that are employed in each phrase. At bar 41 let the piano take over as the voices sing ‘Glory to God on high!’ and add texture over the accompaniment. This beautiful song is an excellent addition to the Christmas repertoire.
  5. Be still my soul (E.P./Emma Pears arr. Simon Gash)
    Emma Pears is a talented author, conductor, songwriter and speaker. Her music is regularly recorded and performed, and she has worked with a wide range of artists and music companies including Warner and Universal. Her music always seems to speak to the heart of the listener and vocalist alike with profound yet often simple lyrics coupled with compelling melodic lines. This song, which draws its inspiration from Psalm 46, will convey a message of quiet strength and confidence. Ensure good attention to the rhythmic pattern in the verses and, as previously mentioned in Salvation Song, have the group speak the rhythms through.
  6. O, God’s love! (Sidney Cox adpt. P.W./Peter Webber)
    These popular verses first featured in The Musical Salvationist in June 1932, written by Sidney Cox. Since that time, many musical settings have been presented. The song under review brings a new contributor to our journal. Peter Webber is a soldier at the Cambridge Citadel Corps, East of England Division. He has written a joyful and simple setting that will prove popular to many who are looking to sing a happy and enjoyable song with a powerful message.
  7. Mary’s Child (G.A./Geoffrey Ainger)
    This beautiful and simple carol, also known as Born in the night, was originally written in 1959 while the songwriter was the Methodist minister at Loughton Methodist Church in Essex. Since that time, it has been featured in many schools throughout the United Kingdom as part of their Christmas celebrations. This carol is also included in the Christmas Collection book published by Salvationist Publishing and Supplies. It is hoped that this four-part arrangement will widen its appeal and help those looking for a simple song to feature during the Advent season.
  8. God’s Blessing (Florence Neeve/Adam Blyth)
    We conclude this edition with a benediction that introduces two new names to this journal. Florence Neeve attends Canterbury Corps and Adam Blyth is currently the Songster Leader at Kettering Citadel Corps. This prayer of blessing over God’s people is one that provides strength, comfort and hope as they leave and go out into their communities. Ensure that the music gradually builds to bars 21 and 22 to a good, full-sounded ‘Amen’.

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