Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 31 Part 1

Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 31 Part 1

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Genre  Vocal
Series  Sing to the Lord
Publisher  SP&S


  1. I give thee my best (A.W./Alan Williams)
    Gospel music has inspired many generations and has been a powerful tool in promoting the Christian message. The genre derives from many different ethnic styles and traditions but, in essence, it is African American Gospel that has become a major force within Church music culture, therefore the freedom and enjoyment of the melodic line should be paramount in this work.
  2. My heart, it sings for joy! (John Mason/Colin Fisher)
    2024 marks the 150th anniversary of The Salvation Army's ministry in Wales. Appropriately, the next two songs are composed by Welsh Salvationists. Songster Leader Colin Fisher, from Wrexham Corps, has written a bright setting of verses that first appeared in our Song Book in 1953. The song should be treated in a light and energetic manner. It is hoped that this new setting will bring enjoyment and a fresh insight to the message it conveys.
  3. Never a friend (Edward Henry Joy/Jonathan Mead)
    These lyrics were originally inspired by 1 Peter 5:7, 'Cast all your anxiety on him'. The original song was published in The Musical Salvationist in December 1929. This new musical setting will give a renewed sense of assurance and trust to all who bring their lives to Jesus, whatever the situation or challenge faced.
  4. I just want to say (A.M./Andrew Maycock)
    The simplicity of the melodic line and the piano accompaniment may lead many to believe that there is little technical challenge in this song. This assumption should not be encouraged as the music will need good rehearsal to achieve the desired effect. In essence, the song is introspective and will require a soft and delicate approach. The challenge will be to ensure that the group are rhythmically together, with soft but firm articulation and a good balance of parts. If mastered correctly, this beautiful song will be a popular addition to many groups' repertoire.
  5. The living Christ through me (Dawn Neeve/Daniel Bates)
    Two established writers within this journal have contributed a song of invitation and dedication to Christ. The witness and testimony of a Christian is wrapped up in the action of love, first for our Saviour and then for our fellow human beings. This song speaks of the need to invite and accept Christ, and then live his example in all that we do. The simplicity of the music should provide most groups an opportunity to feature this song in ministry.
  6. Child of grace (Nigel Bovey/Charles Dibdin tune: Tom Bowling arr. Kenneth Downie)
    The melody Tom Bowling was written by the actor, dramatist, and song-writer Charles Dibdin (1745-1814) and was inspired by his brother Tom, a sailor who made a fortune in India, where he lived. Dibdin wrote numerous songs, of which this is probably the most famous. Written around 1800, and traditionally played at the Last Night of the Proms by the cello in Henry Wood's Fantasia on British Sea Songs, this melody is certainly familiar within British culture. Major Nigel Bovey has clothed this poignant tune with verses that assure us of Christ's love and grace in both the challenging and joyful moments of our lives. The arranger has skilfully set the accompaniment and harmony to reflect each verse. It is hoped that this familiar melody will now have a different and powerful impact on those that sing and listed to it.
  7. The quiet waters (Scottish Psalter/Stephen Pelley)
    Stephen Pelley, from Montreal, Canada, has set well-known verses from Psalm 23. The Psalm has been a source of strength to many throughout the years as it conveys a message of protection, guidance and blessing. This musical setting has a sense of peace from the commencement with a gentle quaver movement found in the piano accompaniment. The composer has skilfully set these poetic and picturesque verses with a melodic and harmonic colour which will provide a blessing when featured.

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