TMS 2012 - Download

TMS 2012 - Download

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Code:  TMS12-mp3
Artist  Various
Catalogue Number  TMS12
Genre  Live Performances

1Before the throne of GodIain Parkhouse Band
2If...thenGirls Chorus
3Day of FreedomIain Parkhouse Band
4Sing me a lullabyGirls Chorus
5Let the glory come downGirls Chorus
6PraiseGavin Lamplough Band
7Variations on MaccabeusGavin Lamplough Band
8Through it allGirls Chorus
9No rocks a cryin'Girls Chorus
10Washington Salute 125Andrew Blyth Band
11The MaskGirls Chorus
12The Last AmenAndrew Blyth Band
13The Day of the LordA Band
14Whom in heaven have I but you?A Chorus
15Faith is the victoryA Band
16Make his praise gloriousA Chorus
17More than wonderfulA Chorus
18AlleluiaWhole School

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