Unity Series Band Journal - Numbers 478 - 481, June 2019

Unity Series Band Journal - Numbers 478 - 481, June 2019

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Genre  Band Journals
Series  Unity Series
Publisher  SP&S

478: March - Seize the day (Andrew Mair)
This march features the tunes God's love is wonderful (T.B. 130) and Everybody should know, and makes reference to Rescue the perishing (T.B. 808) and the chorus Able to save (T.B. 538)

479: Jingle bells jazz! (Richard Phillips)
The familiar strains of Jingle Bells (C.C. 121) have featured in Salvation Army music countless times over the years (perhaps more than any other non-religious song), whether as the main theme, countermelody, or as a derived frament or motif. This is an attractive laid-back jazz setting of the tune.

480: Poor, wayfarin' stranger (Thomas Mack)
This arrangement of the Spiritual depicts a poor wayfarin' stranger's journey through life using a minor key and a slow walking style.

481: Selection - No crib for a bed (Charles Craig)
This simple setting reminds us that, amidst the joy and exuberance that often accompanies the Christmas season, Jesus' birth was a very humble event.

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