General Series Band Journal December 2016 Numbers 2162 - 2165

General Series Band Journal December 2016 Numbers 2162 - 2165

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Code:  SPS34021
Genre  Band Journals
Series  General Series
Publisher  SP&S

No. 2162 Coronation Fanfare and Intrada (Kenneth Smith)
Numerous Scripture verses refer to Jesus as 'King of Kings and Lord of Lords'. In addition, he is described in Revelation 5:13, 7:10 and 21:15 as 'the Lamb who sits upon the throne'. Furthermore we're told in Philippians 2:10-11 that one day 'every knee will bow...and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord'. This arrangement celebrates Jesus' heavenly coronation, bringing together two well-known hymns inviting us to crown Jesus as King.

No. 2163 Telling It! (Sam Creamer)
A lively, salsa setting of Sidney Cox's well-known song, 'I want to tell what God has done'.

No. 2164 The Christ of Calvary (Mervyn Clarke)
This arrangement of the much-loved tune 'Annie Laurie', is often associated with Nathan Atkinson Aldersley's words to 'The Christ of Calvary'.

No. 2165 Festival March - The Return (Ray Steadman-Allen)
The Return was written for the occasion of Chatham corps returning to its refurbished hall.

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