Favourite Hymn Tunes of The Salvation Army Vol. I - Download

Favourite Hymn Tunes of The Salvation Army Vol. I - Download

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Code:  SPS335CD-mp3-1
Artist  Kettering Citadel Band
Catalogue Number  SPS335CD
Genre  Bands

1St FrancisGeistliche KirchengersangKettering Citadel Band1.33 
2RandolphRalph Vaughan WilliamsKettering Citadel Band2.19 
3BowesRay BowesKettering Citadel Band2.01 
4ArmadaleLily H SkinnerKettering Citadel Band2.15 
5Crown him with many crownsGeorge Job Elvey arr. Richard PhillipsKettering Citadel Band1.57 
6Flow gently sweet AftonJames Spilman arr. Norman BearcroftKettering Citadel Band1.40 
7As the deerMartin J Nystrom arr. James WrightKettering Citadel Band2.48 
8ChalveyLeighton George HayneKettering Citadel Band1.42 
9In the strength of the LordIvor BosankoKettering Citadel Band2.57 
10AscalonTraditional arr. Ray Steadman-AllenKettering Citadel Band2.22 
11FewsterErnest FewsterKettering Citadel Band3.13 
12None of selfJames MountainKettering Citadel Band2.24 
13They'll sing a welcome homeRobert LowryKettering Citadel Band2.05 
14ReptonHubert H ParryKettering Citadel Band2.42 
15HammondWilliam HammondKettering Citadel Band2.21 
16Deep HarmonyHandel ParkerKettering Citadel Band2.21 
17Heaven came downJohn W PetersonKettering Citadel Band2.04 
18Out of my darknessJohn LarssonKettering Citadel Band1.53 
19PeaceEric BallKettering Citadel Band1.34 
20Harton LeaGeorge MarshallKettering Citadel Band1.52 
21CardiffJ F HerringKettering Citadel Band1.51 
22The well is deepHarry Woods arr. Norman BearcroftKettering Citadel Band2.20 
23My humble cryErnest RanceKettering Citadel Band2.07 
24SpohrLouis SpohrKettering Citadel Band1.51 
25In Christ aloneKeith Getty arr. Dean JonesKettering Citadel Band3.58 
26MarshallGeorge MarshallKettering Citadel Band1.42 
27HerefordSamuel S WesleyKettering Citadel Band2.03 
28WorcesterRichard RanceKettering Citadel Band1.43 
29King of kings, majestyJarrod Cooper arr. Dean JonesKettering Citadel Band2.45 
30South ShieldsGeorge MarshallKettering Citadel Band1.37 
31RichmondThomas HaweisKettering Citadel Band1.32 
32St TeresaCharles SkinnerKettering Citadel Band1.42 

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