Making Manuscripts II


Back in 1997 SP&S and The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army released an incredibly popular and ground-breaking CD called Manuscripts, featuring as yet unpublished pieces of music and an innovative CD-ROM.

26 years later we are excited to tell you that Manuscripts II is being released and is exclusive to wobplay subscribers until 14th July when it will go on general sale in both physical and digital form. The spirit of the original exists with unpublished material getting its first ‘outing’ or at least the first for many years. This includes major works from such luminaries as Ray Steadman-Allen, Leslie Condon and William Himes along with music from more recent compositional talent.

To honour the spirit of the ‘behind the scenes’ CD-ROM of the original is a 36 minute in-depth documentary about the recording process and the work of the ISB, featuring footage from the recording sessions and revealing interviews, we are sure you’re going to find this absolutely fascinating!

Philip Cobb features as soloist in Ray Steadman-Allen’s Love’s Vision, a large-scale work written for Philip’s Grandfather Roland – who was present at the sessions and tells us his memories of the piece.

Sure to be the talking point of the summer, be one of the first to hear this scintillating new album and watch the ‘first of a kind’ documentary film.