The Golden Pen Volume 2

The Golden Pen Volume 2

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Genre  Salvation Army Books
Author  Steef Klepke Jr

In this second volume of The Golden Pen, you can find information about several composers who also appear in the first book, but now with (sometimes much) more information and background. All very fascinating. This might go way too far for your musical appetite but I think it's important to give it the attention it deserves. All the findings, opinions, and conclusions are solely my own, with a goal, to trigger the readers - and hopefully far beyond - their interest in more than only to see, hear or play the 'latest compositions by composer A or B'.

Also included are several emerging composers. This is partly encouragement, and partly as recognition. Although they are not (yet) published or recorded composers, something I have written about in vol. 1, and which was one of the 'rules' to get into the book, it is for sure that all these people who are now added, have written music that is already certainly used within, and sometimes outside, The Salvation Army with huge success.

Steef Klepke Jr.

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