The Christian Parent's Toolkit
 The Christian Parent's ToolkitThe Christian Parent's Toolkit 

The Christian Parent's Toolkit

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Genre  Help & Advice
Author  Sarah Johnson

In modern society, religion is given a bad press. It seems increasingly marginalised and is also tarred with the negative brush of extremism. What, then, can parents do when they want to affirm Christian ideals to their children? How can they bring faith into family life in a real and lasting way?
Sarah Johnson robustly defends the existence of vibrant faith in ordinary homes and churches everywhere, faith that has an impact on everyday life. Drawing on her own experience as well as that of others, she provides a practical 'toolkit' for parents who want to give their children a happy and healthy childhood where God is honoured. She demonstrates how faith brings perspective to life, and provides a sane and viable alternative to atheistic, materialistic individualism.
This is a book for parents of young and older children alike. It will bring laughter, reassurance and fresh ideas for age-old difficulties. It will also renew confidence as people grasp the tools which Sarah, mother of four, suggests can help build a strong foundation for family life in which God makes a difference.

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