Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 23 Part 1

Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 23 Part 1

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Genre  Vocal
Series  Sing to the Lord
Publisher  SP&S

1. Worthy
(E.P./Emma Pears arr. Simon Gash)
The music of Emma Pears has been popular within the United Kingdom Christian music scene for a number of years.  Songster Leader Simon Gash, who is a member of the Music Ministries Unit, has arranged Emma’s songs before and has provided a four-part setting of this beautiful worship song. There will need to be a relaxed approach to the rhythms, with lots of space to convey the thoughts behind the lyrics. Intensity is required at bars 36 through to 39, with good, full singing at the chorus reprise at bar 48.
2. That’s the difference!
(H.D./Howard Davies)
Here is a bright ‘barber-shop’ style song which was originally conceived for male voices.  It is hoped this mixed voice arrangement will revive what was a popular and much used item when it was first published in New Songs for Male Voices in 1981.  The narrative nature of the verses will require different approaches, depending on the statement of the lyric. The song must essentially be seen as a fun, light-hearted item and should be conveyed as such.
3. Jesus, we give you praise
(A.W./Alan Williams)
We continually endeavour to provide a broad range of styles from our contributors in the hope that there is something that will appeal to all. This song introduces Alan Williams to our journals.  Alan is a member of the band and songsters at the Regent Hall Corps. He has written a gospel song which will require high energy and drive from the accompaniment and singers alike.  The text will need good, clear consonant sounds and open vowels on the longer notes.  It is hoped that the positive message is always conveyed when presented!
4. O come, great Spirit, come
(M.H./Maurice Hunt)
The infilling presence of the Holy Spirit is the greatest invitation any person can have within their own life. This song, written by Major Maurice Hunt, brings together a heartfelt sincerity for the infilling of the Spirit’s power to sustain and keep us throughout our life’s journey.  The music is simple and attractive and should pose few problems.  It is hoped that it will be accessible for many to use and feature within their ministry.
5. I need no other sacrifice
(Andy Jones/Terry Rogers)
This simple, yet effective song, focuses on the sacrificial aspect of Christ.  There should be little in the way of technical problems to overcome and we hope that the accessible nature of the work will prove popular with many subscribers.  The composer and author are connected with the Clevedon Corps.
6. Christ is all
(Herbert Howard Booth (verses), W.A. Williams (chorus)/Stephen Pelley)
Since The Salvation Army commenced its publishing programme in 1883 there have been many times when words have inspired composers to provide different musical settings. This has led to verses being given a varying feel and, in many instances, given a fresh interpretation of older lyrics. The music presented here features a new writer to our journals. Stephen Pelley is from Montreal, Canada and he has woven a beautiful contemporary setting of words originally published in The Musical Salvationist in 1887.  Ensure good phrasing and shape within the verses and let the accompaniment provide a gentle pulse to support the vocalists. With good rehearsal, this song will become a popular work for many groups.
7. Go in peace, go in love
(L.F./Lee Fisher)
This appealing work, by the Songster Leader of Droitwich Corps, has a good melodic shape and accompaniment, which will provide many groups with a fitting conclusion to a meeting or festival.  The intervals within the melody will need careful handling ensuring that the sounds of the voices are consistent throughout the register. Careful control at bars 36 through to 42 will be essential in terms of intonation and tunefulness. The composer has also suggested that this song could be used unaccompanied; commencing from beat four of bar 20 to the end of bar 36, then repeating those bars before continuing into the final ‘Amen’ section.

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