Blue Book Favourites - Download

Blue Book Favourites - Download

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Code:  24840-mp3-1
Artist  Household Troops Band
Catalogue Number  SPS225CD
Genre  Bands

1Montreal CitadelNorman AudoireHousehold Troops Band3.47
2BeaumontGeorge DickensHousehold Troops Band3.19
3Constant Trust Eric BallHousehold Troops Band9.02
4On to the WarErik LeidzénHousehold Troops Band2.44
5LloydCuthbert Howard arr. Bramwell ColesHousehold Troops Band2.40
6Fighting for the LordEmil SöderströmHousehold Troops Band3.30
7Sound Out the ProclamationEric BallHousehold Troops Band6.46
8Under Two FlagsBramwell ColesHousehold Troops Band4.16
9O Rest in the LordFelix Mendelssohn arr. Albert JakewayHousehold Troops Band4.25
10The Redcliffe MarchDaniel HollisHousehold Troops Band3.35
11The Pilgrim's PrayerSidney Rouse arr. Eric BallHousehold Troops Band3.12
12The WellingtonianHarold ScotneyHousehold Troops Band3.31
13The Pilgrim WayEric BallHousehold Troops Band6.15
14The Flag of FreedomBramwell ColesHousehold Troops Band3.03
15A Warning MessageEric BallHousehold Troops Band5.39
16In the Firing LineBramwell ColesHousehold Troops Band4.01
17Ave VerumMozart arr. Albert JakewayHousehold Troops Band2.58
18Star LakeEric BallHousehold Troops Band2.37
19The Red ShieldHenry GoffinHousehold Troops Band3.18

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