1990 International Congress - Download

1990 International Congress - Download

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Code:  SPS078CD-mp3-1
Artist  Various
Catalogue Number  SPS078CD
Genre  Compilations

Disc 1

1_01O Boundless Salvation & Introductions Massed Chorus & General Eva Burrows2.43
1_02Spirit of the ArmyNorman BearcroftInternational Staff Band4.11
1_03Maranatha Mizoram Songsters2.18
1_04Peace Like a RiverStephen BullaSouthern Territorial Band5.55
1_05Revive Us AgainCharles Wesley/William HimesBrisbane Temple Songsters4.57
1_06Solid RockLloyd ScottRon Waiksnoris (Cornet) with Montclair Corps Band2.52
1_07The Saviour's NameFrederick Whitfield/Jane Clark arr. Leonard BallantineKorea Mission Singers4.14
1_08God's GloryWilliam GordonJönköping Band3.28
1_09The Wonders of Thy GraceHerbert Booth/William Knapp arr. Norman BearcroftInternational Staff Songsters3.21
1_10Life's ConsecrationJames CurnowSouthern Territorial Band6.30
1_11I Am So GladSir Arthur Bliss/Barrie GottPasadena Songsters4.00
1_12He Touched Mearr. William HimesMontclair Corps Band3.56
1_13Praise God ! & We Need God's Love Zimbabwe Territorial Songsters6.32
1_14MotivationWilliam HimesCanadian Staff Band4.54
1_15In the Secret of Thy PresenceEric BallMelbourne Staff Songsters4.38

Disc 2

2_01Onward Christian SoldiersSabine Baring-Gould/Sir Arthur SullivanInternational Staff Songsters2.36
2_02Narration General Eva Burrows0.30
2_03The Suppliant HeartBrian BowenMontclair Corps Band6.19
2_04Harhna & A Soldier of the Cross Mizoram Songsters3.00
2_05Music-MakerPeter GrahamInternational Staff Band7.18
2_06The Living Lordarr. Terry CamseyKorea Mission Singers2.38
2_07O Take Me As I AmRay Steadman-AllenJönköping Band3.40
2_08Step Out of the ShadowsRobin Hilan/Christine HewittBrisbane Temple Songsters3.54
2_09The Southern SpiritJames CurnowSouthern Territorial Band3.32
2_10Peter Go Ring a Dem BellsSpiritual/Norman BearcroftMelbourne Staff Songsters4.13
2_11The GuardianPeter GrahamClarence White (Trombone) with Canadian Staff Band7.24
2_12The Christ of Calvary & Walking in WhiteAtkinson Aldersley/Lady Jane Scott & William Pearson/Philip PhillipsInternational Staff Songsters6.56
2_13The Promised LandWilliam BroughtonJönköping Band2.44
2_14See Amid the Winter's Snow Zimbabwe Territorial Songsters3.00
2_15I'll Not Turn BackJohn Gowans/John Larsson arr. Barrie GottPasadena Tabernacle Songsters4.56
2_16Final Message General Eva Burrows1.31
2_17How Sweet the NameRonald Tremain arr. Donald OsgoodInternational Staff Band2.45

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