Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 30 Part 3

Sing to the Lord, Mixed Voice Series, Volume 30 Part 3

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Genre  Vocal
Series  Sing to the Lord
Publisher  SP&S


15. God is able! (Y.F. based on Ephesians3:20/Yvonne Field)
Major Yvonne Field commences this issue with a song of faith and promise. God is not coincidental; we are all created in his image and designed with a specific, unique purpose. God has big plans for us and, through all of our experiences, we need to trust in that plan. Paul wrote to the Ephesians to remind them of these powerful truths. The composer has once again written a song that is both attractive and accessible.

16. Jesus loves me (Philip Paul Bliss/Lee Fisher)
For many, these lyrics will evoke memories of childhood years. Originally published in Sunshine for Sunday Schools in 1873, it was often seen as a song for children. Although our current Salvation Army Song Book contains five verses of the song, there are several other verses and variants found in other denominational song books. The lyrics under review contain a slightly different set of verses from those familiar to Salvationists but bring the same message of the great love of Jesus. Ensure that the music flows and the quaver figure in the vocal line is kept smooth with a well-shaped phrase. The verse employs a two-bar phrase, so it should not be difficult in bars 41 to 43 to give a clear and tuneful unison line.

17. We're Praising (Dawn Neeve/Daniel Bates)
This bright and rhythmic song conveys a sense of joy and celebration. Ensure that the intervals are secure, particularly in bars 12 to 17. The accompaniment is key to keeping a consistent tempo which will provide the vocalists with an energetic base upon which to build.

18. Lord find us faithful (Isobel Robinson/Ian Robinson)
For many years, Majors Isobel and Ian Robinson have provided songs that speak about their personal faith journey. This song reminds us to rejoice even when life is not predictable or easy. Many of us want to trust God and when things are good, it can feel easier; but when times are difficult, it is even more important to do so. God's unchanging character gives us a firm foundation and we learn, through faith, to trust and keep God at the centre of all we experience. This song so beautifully speaks this prayer and needs a gentle character, both in voice and spirit, to convey the message. A two-in-a-bar feel will help give a gentle pulse to the melodic line. A cued piano part is provided so that it can help the unaccompanied ending, but it is encouraged to allow sufficient rehearsal time so that the desired a cappella effect can be achieved.

19, How can a sinner? (C.B./Chris Brindley)
Chris Brindley, from Brisbane, Australia, has provided a simple prayer of confession and supplication. Despite the simplicity of the music, the vocal lines still need to have energy, built around well-rehearsed vowel formation and a sense of direction between each note and phrase. Careful balance of parts is also required, whilst the accompanist should aim for a light but rhythmic approach.

20. Help comes from the Lord (Sherrilyn Hall Barlow/R. David Hipperson)
Both lyricist and composer mark their first appearance in this journal with a bright song of assurance. Lieutenant David Hipperson is the Corps Officer at Lakeshore Community Church in Etobicoke, Ontario whilst Sherrilyn Hall Barlow is a Canadian Salvationist who now resides in the USA. This was written whilst the composer was seeking confirmation of God's will in his life. The call to officership became clear and he became part of The Messengers of Grace session. Energy and drive should be evident from the start. This song will be popular with groups looking for a bright and positive message to convey within their ministry.

21. Make of our life a house of praise (Timothy Dudley-Smith/Andrew Blyth)
Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith has written over 400 hymns and regularly publishes new collections of lyrics for songwriters to set to music. This song speaks of allowing Christ's presence into the very fabric of our lives where peace, love and praise are heard and celebrated. The music is simple in design, so leaders may choose to employ unison singing by different voice groupings to add variety. An example of this can be found on the demonstration track.

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