The Creaking on the Stairs - Finding Faith & Forgiveness From Childhood Abuse

The Creaking on the Stairs - Finding Faith & Forgiveness From Childhood Abuse

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Genre  Religious Thought & Study
Author  Mez McConnell

I think there is real hope to be found, in the middle of our deepest traumas, in the good news about Jesus Christ. I also think that there is a place for us to find hope and community within the church. Because of these two beliefs, I truly think, distant though it may be, that we may even get to a place of peace within our souls and a place of forgiveness for those who hurt us so much.This is a book that has no easy answers and will offer none. This is a book that tries to get behind the tough questions of why God permits such abuses to occur in this world. Using his own story of childhood abuse, Mez McConnell tells us about a God who is just, sovereign and loving. A good father who knows the pain of rejection and abuse, who hates evil, who can bring hope even in the darkest place.'… unlike anything I have ever read. Mez McConnell shares his story of the horrific child abuse he endured with a raw and honest transparency that made me weep through most of the book. But he doesn't stop there. He weaves a rich, biblical theology and gospel clarity throughout it in such a moving manner that brings the truth of God's steadfast love for sinners unmistakably alive. Never have I experienced a book that is for the abused and abuser; the victimized and the tormentor. And the power of the gospel being the answer for all. Stunningly accessible and beautifully written, this book is sure to be a healing balm to the soul of many abuse survivors and a defining book for a generation.' ~ Brian Croft'This is the most disturbing book that I have ever read, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.' ~ Rosaria Butterfield

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