Where Is God In a Messed Up World?

Where Is God In a Messed Up World?

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Genre  Religious Thought & Study
Author  Roger Carswell

This book asks and answers questions that people are asking about God, life and suffering.If God exists and really is a God of love, then why doesn't He stop the suffering and problems in our world?People ask this question, often in the wake of major tragedies. Cursory answers don't help.While investigating the answers, Roger Carswell is realistic enough to admit that there are things God reveals to us, and things he doesn't reveal. He argues that the starting point is to find out who God is, and to figure out if he can be trusted - even if we don't have all the answers.The author's own experience of suffering with depression, and the real-life stories that are included, make this a compassionate and encouraging look at one of the toughest questions about the Christian faith. Without dodging or dismissing the issues, Where is God in a Messed-Up World? shows that our questioning need not be a barrier to entrusting ourselves to God."God has not only been faithful to me, he has been overwhelmingly kind, incredibly merciful, consistently good and unbelievably patient," says Roger.What others are saying about the book:"A realistic and compassionate view of how we can respond to suffering." - Gordon Corera, BBC correspondent"I warmly recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those who feel 'weary and burdened.'" - Pablo Martinez, psychiatrist and writer

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