Brahmin Reborn

Brahmin Reborn

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Genre  Religious Thought & Study
Author  Bhaskar Sreerangam

I took a glass and carefully broke it. I ground it, then mixed it into some cooked rice. This lethal meal would be the end of my insufferable ignorance. In only a matter of hours I'd discover the secret of the afterlife …' It is 1966. Madras, India. A young Brahmin realises the futility of his ritualistic Hinduism. Unable to face another day, he gives his gods an ultimatum: reveal yourself, or I will kill myself. After preparing a deadly meal, he heads out for what he thinks will be his final walk around the city. As he does he passes a man handing out flyers. They catch his eye. He's intrigued. He heads inside to see what's going on. What happens next changes the direction of his life and the ill-fated meal waiting at home. What others are saying about Brahmin Reborn: "What a wonderful story of Bhaskar, a devout and dedicated Hindu, who spent years searching for the meaning of life. Finally, he met a Christian who was instrumental in leading him to Jesus Christ - the one who is ";the way, the truth and the life". How many of us would be willing to give up friends and family to follow our Lord Jesus Christ, as Bhaskar did? It is my great pleasure to recommend this touching and powerful book. You will be inspired and challenged as you read it." — Maud Kells OBE, WEC International missionary in DR Congo for 50 years and author of An Open Door "A fascinating insight into a very different world and world view and a wonderful reminder of the power of the gospel to transform the lives of people from any background. After reading this book I felt better informed about Hinduism and more motivated to share the gospel in my multi-cultural community." — Clare Heath-Whyte, St Lawrence Morden, writer and speaker "In Brahmin Reborn, Esther Sandys gives us a fascinating window into the inner workings of Hinduism. Through the story of her father-in-law, Bhaskar, she paints a clear picture of the difference between Hinduism and Christianity and of one man's transition from one to the other. A gripping story, engagingly written, this book will increase your understanding and encourage your faith." — Jean Gibson, author of An Open Door

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