Different - Our Witness and the Sins that Work Against it

Different - Our Witness and the Sins that Work Against it

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We know about the ‘serious' sins we should avoid, we even know about the ‘respectable' sins we should be tackling, but what about the ‘imperceptible' sins? Could it be that we've become so assimilated to the culture around us that we've become deaf to God's Word - taking on habits and desires that are unhelpful for us and damaging to our witness? In Different, author David Martin calls us to live out a radically different and courageous Christianity within our Western culture. He pictures a Christianity that is vitally alive, attractive, and that stands out so much from the world around it that outsiders are drawn in. Be challenged to break free from the subtle undercurrent of our secular society and embrace the call to stand out and live for Jesus boldly and publicly."What if our indulgence in a certain thing or ideology was really only making us less happy and more dull? Insightful and to-the-point, Martin diagnoses some root causes of our spiritual anemia. You may be surprised, alarmed, or annoyed to see yourself illustrated in the pages of this book. But not to worry - the author delivers the remedy we all need. Take up and read!" ~ Gloria Furman, author of Missional Motherhood and Labor with Hope";David Martin writes engagingly and with humility but he unflinchingly points out some of our blindspots, the areas where we might be absorbing the values of our culture instead of challenging its accepted norms."~ Cara Fitzpatrick, housewife and trainer for Precept Ministries Ireland"This book is the equivalent of a literary defibrillator that will reignite our hearts to beat and long for all that eternity will afford. David Martin has penned a spiritual alarm clock that will stop us sleepwalking distractedly into eternity with our gaze consumed by temporal nothingness. This book exhorts us to be different, this book is brilliantly written and ubiquitously needed." ~ Jonathan Gemmell, The Proclamation Trust"In this pithy and punchy book, David Martin helps us look at our world and at ourselves and to seek to be more godly. It's worth reading prayerfully." ~ Peter Jensen, Former Archbishop of Sydney "David Martin fearlessly puts his finger on many of the prevailing faults in our contemporary Christian lifestyles and calls Christians to dare to be different to the prevailing culture." ~ Jeremy Marshall, businessman and evangelist ";David both challenges and encourages us to be in every way true disciples of Jesus in a world and indeed a church that needs men and women to step into this calling. I found this book a real challenge and encouragement in my own call to be a disciple of Jesus. An excellent book and a real gift to the church at this time." ~ David McClay, Rector of Willowfield Church, Belfast, Archdeacon of Diocese of Down and Leader and Chairperson of New Wine Ireland 

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