Life in a Covid-19 World

Life in a Covid-19 World

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Genre  Religious Thought & Study
Author  Tim Dennis


“As Covid-19 life has dragged on, we have slowly adjusted to the ‘new normal’. Typically we tried to make the best of it: Zooming, doing PE with Joe Wicks, socially distancing, even feeling guilty for enjoying furlough life. But the novelty has long since worn off.”

Whoever we are and whatever our circumstances, our lives have been turned upside down by the Covid-19 global pandemic. We feel fatigued, and we long for a day when Covid-19 is no longer a threat, or at least, to find the ‘silver lining’.

This little booklet reflects on the fears and anxieties that Covid-19 has brought to the fore and explains how Jesus is the only one who can provide certain hope in the face of suffering. Jesus reveals that one day even the darkest clouds will not be silver-lined, but removed forever.

"After months of being battered and bruised by the pressures associated with Covid-19 humanity is looking for hope. Many of us will take a glimmer of hope wherever we can find it. Tim Dennis invites us to explore the hope offered by Jesus: a hope that's far more substantial than the flimsy platitudes doing the rounds and far richer in scope than we’d dare dream.”

Pete Dray - Director of Creative Evangelism, UCCF

"Tim clearly captures the downcast mood of the Covid era and at the same time alleviates our sense of despair and foreboding. He does so by explaining the greatest source of hope available to humanity. The message of Jesus Christ shines through truthfully, elegantly and joyfully in this little book. Terrific!"

Graham Daniels - Christians in Sport

"Tim Dennis puts into words what we've been feeling over the last nine months and then points us to "help from a source beyond ourselves".  I found this booklet deeply reassuring, because in it is both empathy for what Covid 19 has put us through and a Saviour, who matches the contours of my troubled heart."

Rico TiceSenior Minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place

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