That Contentious Spirituality

That Contentious Spirituality

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Genre  Salvation Army Books
Author  Melvyn Jones

This, Melvyn Jones’ second book, is a study of Salvationist spirituality. Why discuss a specifically Salvationist spirituality; isn’t it simply Christianity? In That Contentious Spirituality Mel Jones explains that while we are called to unity in the Body of Christ, it is not a one-size-fits-all unity. Rather, it is unity in diversity. Recognising and celebrating our differences – including our spirituality – is God honouring and throughout these pages the author outlines what is unique and distinctive about Salvationist spirituality.

Split into five parts, That Contentious Spirituality explores the history of The Salvation Army and the spirituality of the movements that inspired it, as well as the theology and deeply-felt spiritual teachings of the Founders. Later chapters move us forward to look at contemporary spiritual movements within The Salvation Army and the importance of imagination for our future. Material is provided at the end of every chapter for those who – as individuals or as part of a discussion group – want to explore at greater depth.

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