For the World - CD

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Artist:  Household Troops Band
Genre:  Bands

The fine concert march that kicks off our musical journey is written by Kevin Norbury. Kevin is one of only a few musicians to be able to boast membership of the ISB and the New York Staff Band both of which benefited significantly from his ability to write engaging and challenging works.

The intriguing Nordic Polska is based on a collection of traditional Swedish and Finnish folksongs and features seven soloists. It has quickly risen to prominence following a sensational presentation at Brass in Concert 2016 again by Cory Band on which occasion the arranger was also the conductor.

 Our well-travelled troopers end their world tour with a benediction, and there is no finer way to conclude than with a traditional Celtic blessing arranged by the prolific Danish arranger Erik Silfverberg.

1True NorthKevin Norbury
2For the WorldSam Creamer
3NapoliBelstedt arr. Andrew Owenson 
4Sunrise Over Blue RidgeDan Price
5Nordic PolskaAnders Edenroth & Matti Kallio arr. Philip Harper
6My Strength, My TowerDean Goffin
7MyfanwyParry arr. Kenneth Downie
8ValeroJames Swearingen arr. Sandy Smith
9Here is the PlaceDavid Catherwood
10Scottish Folk VariantsStephen Bulla
11A Hymn to New EnglandJohn Williams arr. Stephen Bulla
12GaelforcePeter Graham
13A Celtic BlessingTraditional arr. Erik Silfverberg

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