WARdrobe T-shirt - Abolitionist

WARdrobe T-shirt - Abolitionist

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Gender  Unisex
Colour  Red
Clothing  T-Shirts

Featuring artwork by M. Brady Clark, M. Brady Clark Design Co.
The number of humans being trafficked worldwide range from about 10 million to 30 million working as slaves inside homes, in agricultural fields, in the sex industry and other places. That’s millions of women, children and men struggling to escape captivity. That’s millions of people wondering what it means or what it would take to be free again.
An Abolitionist is an advocate for the complete abolition of slavery. With its mission to help those in need and spread a message that “sets captives free,” The Salvation Army has been an advocate against all forms of slavery since its inception in 1865.
Artist M. Brady Clark has designed a beautiful shirt to help raise funding and awareness for The Salvation Army’s fight against Human Trafficking. The Salvation Army’s anti-trafficking efforts focus on legislative and policy initiatives, awareness raising and training, prevention efforts, as well as the development and provision of trafficking survivor services.

Using clothing as a canvas to impact the world, WARdrobe supports The Salvation Army’s global fight for social justice through art and apparel.
WARdrobe has enlisted some of the hottest graphic artists from around the world and the roster continues to grow. These artists donate their time and talents to art projects that raise funds and awareness for different Salvation Army supported causes.
The cotton for our WARdrobe t-shirts is made with Fairtrade certified cotton. It is grown by villagers in Pratima Grower Group, Titlegarth, Odisha, India.
Using Fairtrade certified cotton means that health of the farmers is improved, a fair price is guaranteed for the cotton and a small premium is paid which is invested back into the community. The use of the premium is decided upon democratically by all members of the community and typically water supplies are improved or training is given to help the community develop.

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