Triumph Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 1363 - 1366, July 2024

Triumph Series Brass Band Journal, Numbers 1363 - 1366, July 2024

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Genre  Band Journals
Series  Triumph Series
Publisher  SP&S

1363: Festival March - Collect the harvest (Anders Beijer)
This march is a call to tell others about the salvation we have received and bring people to Jesus. Jesus has bought us with his blood, and we now belong to him and stand under his protection, surrounded by his love and care. After brief references to the melody Bringing in the sheaves (S.A.S.B. 58) (also appearing later in the work in full) and an original melody, we hear the familiar tune Saviour, like a shepherd. This music should be performed with great joy and enthusiasm.

1364: O come, Immanuel (Steve Kellner)
The text of this beautiful Advent hymn (C.C. 62) dates to the 8th century and its chant-like tune to the 15th century. While the text alludes to Israel's captivity in Babylon and the coming Messiah, it in fact refers to the believer's anticipation of Jesus' second coming. The original chant melody was call and response, so the opening motif serves as the call, returning throughout the arrangement.

1365: Our Consecration (Marcus Venables)
This arrangement uses the tune St Margaret (T.B. 427) to the beloved hymn by George Matheson, O love that wilt not let me go (S.A.S.B. 616), which highlights the powerful and enduring nature of God's love. The use of the melodic fragment on the word 'go' serves as a subtle question mark, inviting the listener to reflect on the human qualities that may cause doubt in the steadfastness of God's love for us. However, as the piece ends, there is a sense of peace and assurance that we can truly rely on the never-ending love of God in our lives. This powerful and emotive arrangement will leave the listener feeling uplifted and encouraged by the knowledge that they are held securely in the arms of God's love.

1366: March - The bell ringer (David Rowsell)
The title of this march refers to someone who stands by the iconic Salvation Army Christmas kettle and receives donations from passers-by. They ring a bell to attract attention and subtly invite people to give a donation in support of The Salvation Army's work. This march was written as a tribute to the many volunteers worldwide who support this campaign each year. The music features the choruses from two Christmas carols, Sweet chiming Christmas bells (C.C. 83) and Sweet chiming bells (C.C. 82).

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