Sheng Fang

Sheng Fang

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Genre  Salvation Army Books
Author  James A Gilman

 “James Gilman describes himself as a ‘big-nosed foreign devil’ set down in the middle of a Chinese village in 1922. His task? To bring the gospel of Christ to people of a different culture, language and religion in a region ravaged by flood, famine and political turmoil. His story is one of heartache, joy, adventure, terror, isolation, fellowship, fellowship, faith, doubt, the clash of cultures and meeting of minds. It is inspiring, disturbing, questioning, yet ultimately affirming the value of practical Christian ministry in the remotest regions, as well as in the most crowded of cities.”

This was previously published in Chinese by Gold Wall Press in Beijing, and now through Salvation Books. This English edition celebrates the centenary of the commencement of Salvation Army ministry in China.

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