No Longer I?

No Longer I?

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Genre  Salvation Army Books
Author  Howard Webber

Sometimes our worst experiences come from within the corps to which we belong, where we would least expect them. Such an experience can leave us shocked and upset to the point of wanting to run away. However, it was the people who worshipped at the temple and synagogues as he did, and claimed allegiance to the same God as him, who were most vitriolic in criticising and attacking Jesus! Yet, despite living in that often hostile environment, Jesus spoke of possessing joy and peace. In addition, amidst it all, he lived a perfect, victorious, holy life of love, the life to which he calls us all.

As with my previous award-winning book, Meeting Jesus,'the first part of No Longer I? consists of real-life stories, whilst the second part shows how God can make us victorious despite the unpleasantness, injustice and hurt we will probably all experience at some time. May it bless and help you all.                                      
Howard Webber

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