A Story of God & all of Us

A Story of God & all of Us

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Genre:  Bibles & Study Guides
Author:  Roma Downey & Mark Burnett

A STORY OF GOD AND ALL OF US is a sweeping narrative that dramatises some of the most important events and characters in the Bible. Developed alongside the epic TV mini-series THE BIBLE, the book reads like a fine novel, dramatising the sweep of biblical events, making the men and women of scripture come alive in vivid detail and dialogue. All are historically and theologically accurate. The script for THE BIBLE TV series has been reviewed by a number of Christian church leaders and theologians for authenticity. All the key biblical characters are portrayed in the story: Moses, David, Daniel, John the Baptist and of course, Jesus. The book will also highlight the prophetic significance of the empires that controlled Israel down the centuries - Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians and Romans - as well as the many Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah.

Author: Mark Burnett & Roma Downey


Publisher: Hodder Faith

ISBN: 9781444749793

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