Eerdman's Companion to the Bible

Eerdman's Companion to the Bible

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Genre:  Bibles & Study Guides
Author:  Gordon D Fee & Robert L Hubbard Jr

Travelers often study guidebooks before tackling a new country. Clear, easy-to-use maps, basic how-to information about the local area, and articles with background on important sties to visit are especially helpful. In todays age of growing biblical illiteracy, readers are often faced with the same sense of foreignness when they attempt to navigate scripture. New Eerdmans Handbook to the Bible will help readers navigate unfamiliar biblical terrain and deepen their knowledge of already familiar areas. A plethora of user-friendly maps, charts, and photos illuminate ancient places. Articles by well-established experts offer in-depth insights into the Bibles people, places, and main ideas. Summaries of individual books offer reliable commentary based on up-to-date research. With a broad evangelical perspective, this handbook provides Bible readers with a useful companion on their journey into scripture.

Author: Gordon D Fee


Publisher: William B EerdmansPublishing Co.

ISBN: 9780802838230

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