Boomchickaboom (babysong)

Boomchickaboom (babysong)

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Code:  40544
Genre  Vocal
Series  Song Books
Publisher  SP&S

Vocal arrangements with chords and lyrics, goals ande suggestions for babysong and toddlersong.
Demonstration DVD included.
Through music used in this specific way we can promote a positive image of God, offer access to a Christian network and open community where people of all ages can feel welcome.
With Baby- and Toddlersong The Salvation Army wants to:

  • Contribute to positive contact between children and andults by encouraging the adults to sing togehter with their children.
            " To your child the most beatiful voice in the world is Yours!" John Lind.
  • Be open to social fellowship between children and adults
  • Be open to social fellowship between parents/adults
  • Be open to social fellowship between the children themselves
  • Stimulate development of linguistic, musical and motor skills
  • Develop the children's concept of space and their own bodies
  • Give the family traditional songs, nursery rhymes, new songs and songs which portray a positive image of God.

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