Green Book Favourites - CD

Green Book Favourites - CD

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Artist:  Norwich Citadel Band
Genre:  Bands

Includes: Tylney Hall; The Message of Love; The Great Crusade; Fight On!; The Beautiful City; Exuberance; March in Scipio; Redeeming Love; Pilgrimage of Youth; Silver Hill; The Shepherd Psalm; The Front Line; Alderney: I Love the Saviour's Name; The Standard Bearer; Southdown.

Since 1921, The Salvation Armys Triumph Series Journal (named the Second Series until 1953) published music generally aimed at smaller and/or younger bands. In 1939, a first book of favourites was published, followed in 1968 by the Triumph Series Favourites (No. 2) book, which soon became commonly referred to as the Green Book. As the name suggests, this was a collection of music published in the preceding years which had found a high degree of popularity among the bands which regularly used the Triumph Series Journal.

All of the music on this recording has been taken from the Green Book, and was first published between 1939 and 1962. The featured composers include some of The Salvation Armys foremost writers, and it is a humbling realisation that while individuals such as Dean Goffin, Ray Steadman-Allen and Leslie Condon were writing music to challenge the best Salvation Army bands of the day, they were also devoting their time to providing music for smaller bands and younger musicians.

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