Songs That No One Taught Us - CD

Songs That No One Taught Us - CD

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Artist:  Various
Genre:  Contemporary Worship


Brothers Alvin and Karl Allison grew up in The Salvation Army and wrote their first song together 30 years ago. This however is their first outing on the SP&S label. Although the brothers had not created music together for 15 years, in 2009, Karl suggested that he could write some lyrics for Alvinís work with other singers and choral groups. As the songwriting sessions developed, it became apparent that many of the songs were highly personal in nature and that nobody else could reasonably be expected to perform them.

The idea of a new two-man show developed, something the brothers realised they had never done before. They played 12 concerts in the summer of 2010, prompting SP&S to commission an album. This is the result. An album that occupies a very broad musical landscape and that features a great many Salvationist musicians who might commonly be thought of as being from the 'traditional' scene rather than the 'contemporary' one. Alvin and Karl have always thought that distinction to be a false one and sincerely hope that Songs that no one taught us is evidence enough.

Includes: I'll Take You With Me; The Song That We Sing; Come As You Are; The Song That We Sang (Interlude); We All Have Work to Do; Anyway (Wedding Version); A Dream in the Aftermath; Sunday to Sunday; There Must be More Than This; Teacher Ivy; How the Rebel Soul was Saved; Good for You; You Have to Meet Jesus; When All is Said and Done.


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