If God is so Good Why are Things so Bad?

If God is so Good Why are Things so Bad?

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Genre  Religious Thought & Study
Author  Melvin Tinker

From the Foreword by Tim Chester:

For anyone engaging with the Christian message, suffering is a big question: How can an all-powerful, all-loving God allow suffering? Suffering appears to point to a God who is either indifferent to our plight or impotent to remedy it.

But suffering is also personal. For many of us it is not some abstract conundrum, but a daily challenge. And to the challenge of coping is added the challenge of faith. Does God care for me?

Melvin Tinker invites us to walk with Job through the confusion suffering creates. If God is so Good Why are Things so Bad? is like a guidebook that helps us navigate through unfamiliar territory.

What others are saying about If God is so Good Why are Things so Bad?:

"Here is a book that can make us more compassionate in our counselling, more informed in our suffering, more faithful in our grieving ... And yet Melvin Tinker has cloaked these hard and heavy matters in such a clear and readable style."
— Dale Ralph Davies, Reformed Theological Seminary

"Melvin Tinker writes with a theologian's mind, a biblical scholar's attention to detail and a pastor's heart ... find practical insights that help us in times of suffering."
— Mark Lanier, author of Christianity on Trial

"Melvin Tinker opens the book of Job in all its realism. Genuine comfort and true righteousness emerge. Compassionately and honestly caring for the suffering, he lets God be God—in Jesus."
Steffan Jenkins, UNION School of Theology

"This book is a rare combination of careful exegesis, doctrinal clarity and Christ-centred theology ... Christians, churches, and non-believers alike will benefit immensely from this book."
Tony Jones, Christ Church, Durham

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