The King's Garden

The King's Garden

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Genre  Religious Thought & Study
Author  Mike Cain

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Esther. She lived all alone in a dark and windy city where the people were sad because their emperor was bad. It was a dark and windy city until, one sunny day, a brand new King took charge…This charming allegorical tale with fun, characterful illustrations tells the story of Esther, a royal gardener, who wants to grows delicious strawberries for the good King.Esther's story will help children to explore what it means to be a Christian, how we should live under King Jesus, and how God grows the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.There is plenty for young hearts and minds to digest in this simple story and helpful discussion questions are included to help children to grasp the meaning behind the story for themselves.Recommended for ages 4-8.What others are saying about the book:"A beautiful story about a beautiful reality. Kids everywhere will love to hear of the brave King and his kind Helper who helps us to bear fruit for God. What a relief to know we needn't struggle on our own!" - Dave Gobbett, Highfields Church, Cardiff"This delightful story provides a wonderful platform for parents to discuss important theological truths and distinctive Christian living with their children. It cleverly explores the fundamental importance of faith in King Jesus; the enabling of the Holy Spirit in the slow process of sanctification; and the daily struggle against sin. A very helpful and much needed discussion-starter for parents. Highly recommended - especially if it's read with hot buttered toast and strawberry jam!" - Rory Bell, director of training, TNT Ministries"I loved this story. It captured my imagination (and made me hungry!). A story which shows the loveliness and kindness of the King. Read it by yourself or share with a friend!" - Helen Buckley, Children's Worker, St. Stephen's Church, Birmingham"The Fruit of the Spirit are of such supreme importance for our children as they battle to make good decisions. Mike Cain has helped our children see that their wonderful King does not shout at them to be better but sends his helper alongside them to make those good decisions possible. Read and re-read this book to any child who will listen." - Ed Drew, Director of Faith in Kids

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