Larsson in Brass - CD

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Code:  100160
Artist:  International Staff Band
Genre:  Bands

 "The CD title is accurate, for on the disc my melodies originally scored for voice and piano are rendered in brass thanks to a series of gifted brass arrangers. There are many such arrangements based wholly or partly on my music in the Armys brass repertoire, and it has been fascinating to work with Stephen Cobb to whittle them down to a manageable number that would also allow space for new items to be featured."

- General John Larsson

Track List

Take-over Bid
A Special Moment
6Wonders begin when the Lord comes in!
7Fill the world with glory!
9That's the Spirit!
10The Kingdom is theirs
11It's new!
12Spirit Breeze
13Here they come
14The Fruit of the Spirit
15The Spirit in me!
16They shall come from the east


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